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The Quebec Black Medical Association Youth Initiative (QBMAYI)


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The QBMAYI: Past, Present, Future


The QMBAYI:  Still investing in our Future

Since 1990, the Quebec Black Medical Association (QBMA), a non-profit organization founded by Dr. Elrie Tucker, has been contributing to the success of medical professionals. QBMA aims to educate the general public about medical sciences and provides academic awards to promising black students demonstrating academic success and community involvement. In fact, QBMA and its corporate and government sponsors has awarded scholarships to hundreds of students, hereby investing over $10,000 yearly in the future of Quebec's Black youth. 
Founded in 2003, the QBMA Youth Initiative (QBMAYI), much like our parent association, strives to educate, inspire, and mentor our youth, with the hope of dismantling the negative stereotypes that plague Montreal's young Black community. 
Accordingly, QBMAYI reaches out to the community through our numerous yearly activities : "Promote Education" high school, community center and C.E.G.E.P visits throughout the region during which we educate students about the organization, the scholarships being offered and offer advise on career or school related questions; "Medicine and Allied Health Profession" career information session; "Shadow a Doctor" mentorship program; and "“Black and Promising” social gathering and networking opportunity for C.E.G.E.P and university students.
Through the years, QBMA and QBMAYI have contributed to the education of researchers, doctors, nurses, to name a few, practicing throughout the world. As the organization continues to expand, we remain faithful to our mission, providing opportunities to deserving and talented Black youths.


Quebec Black Medical Association

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Thank you QBMA!

It's a great and wonderful way to help those who are in need. As we all know, the cost of books can be very expensive. This is my way of saying thank you to the QBMA; I am grateful for the help they provided Tiffany in an needful time. Thank you very much once again. Keep up the good work!                                            

 Brenda St-Cyr, Parent of QBMA Scholarship Recipient